Milesi took part in the restoration of Caravaggio' work, The Conversion of Saul

The painting, on a tablet, is one of the artist's few works still preserved in a private collection - that of the Odescalchi family - and is rarely exhibited.

It was presented in Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome - the church for which it was painted but was probably never shown there - where it will be exhibited for only 15 days from 10 November 2006.


When a company is part of a country's history, and the Milesi family has been part of it for over sixty years, it must both consider and be concerned about the context in which it lives and works.

Milesi produces paints, a product which, by definition, is created to protect and decorate.: what could be more natural than the commitment to protect and to return to its initial splendour the work of a painter who is among the greats of Italian art?

Milesi - which day by day combines the excellence of its research in the chemical field with the communication of a message that confirms the correct impact of its products on the environment and on man's health - has enthusiastically joined in the initiative of this restoration, in the light of a view of civilization and progress which should be shared by all those working in a country that is among the most industrialised in the world, but also the one that is the richest in works of art.


Comunicato Stampa Caravaggio A Bareggio